“There is thus no better way of cracking the prestigious Civil Services Exam than Learning Actively from the GURUS themselves!”

Sankalp IAS Forum – built by Officers for future officers-

the best IAS academy in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & Madurai


This is in fact called as Officers Academy and is is the only UPSC (Civil Services) coaching institute in India that is founded and mentored  by serving and former bureaucrats. Comprised of passionate and like-minded individuals, these highly accomplished and respected Civil Servants resigned from service to embark on a mission to teach and mentor UPSC aspirants and in the process nurture and create the next generation of Civil Servants.

We have plans for those doing self study for IAS , for those who want to know how to prepare for UPSC IAS while working , for those who want to know how to prepare for UPSC IAS while in schools and college, as well as for hose who are looking for best UPS MPSC Banking coaching class in Mumbai Pune Chennai Madurai. 


To become a Civil Services officer, one has to simply join  Sankalp IAS Forum  . We do not believe in just passing the preparation tips of the exam to the aspirants ; rather believe in providing the best coaching methodology to the students. We focus on helping them better succeed in the UPSC/MPSC Prelims, Mains and Interview stage (also known as the Personality Assessment Stage). 

We also provide coaching for MPSC (Group I, Group II, and Group IV) exams, SSC, Banking examinations and NDA CDS CAPF Assistant Commandant coaching in Mumbai and Pune. 

Our results, success and network of officers who mentor our students in these exams makes us one of the best coaching and study centers in the country.



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Our other platforms

Sankalp foundation

Sankalp Skill India

Free coaching to students and pupil of:

*Victims of 26/11 terrorist attack

*victims of 5/7 Monsoon attack in Mumbai.

*Orphan Students


*Differently abled persons

*Single mothers or women in difficult situations.

*Students from tribal villages

Subsidized coaching to 

*students whose parents are MATHADI KAMGAR.

Awareness campagin about:
* right to information

*right to services

*Aple Sarkar and Public Grivence Redressal system.

*Legal rights for Children and Women.

*Oppoutunity in Governemnt Sectors.

*Skill gap Study and vocational training for Livelihood issues. 

Free legal cell:
*for senior citizens 

*For children who are victim of POSCO.

*Women in dificult situation.

Feed India:
Plan to feed hungry brothers and Sisters...No one should die for want of food


Support us:
Join Sankalp IAS Forum. A part of your fees, goes to Sankalp Foundation. 

To reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled wage employment opportunities,resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis,through building strong grassroots level institutions of the poor.


Sankalp Hobby Corner

To come shortly

Center for research in performance in higher learning and intuitive skills. 

Its a brainchild of senior bureaucrats and academicians from top-niche institutions.

details soon.