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Do you know 90% of IAS and State PSC aspirants, dont even reach the Mains stage even in their  second attempts
Learn, from a bureaucrat,  the ninja secrets 
that no "UPSC Guru" will tell you
for getting 2x more marks

with Self-Study or with coaching, in minimum attempts,
with great performance, all along.

"Attend-Reform-Transform-Perform" is the mantra.
23 Ju
ly 2023 at 10:30 am offline seminar
and at 5.00 pm online seminar.

“There is thus no better way of cracking the prestigious Civil Services Exam than Learning Actively from the GURUS themselves!”

proven to know formula to qualify immediatly

Know exatcly what UPSC expects

Using 100% personal powers

Proven to get formula to qualify in first attempt

Thank you for submitting! Pl also note contact number of Director,9987105552, You may contact now too.


Undergraduate  and graduate aspirants looking to top the Civil Services Exams by putting their best steps forward.

Working Professionals looking to make careers in Civil Services Exams without leaving jobs

Rank Improvemnt - Aspirants looking to improve ranks by value addition in Exams

Please know this- Officers in service are guiding, mentoring in Sankalp IAS Forum

This makes us the best class for IAS UPSC in Mumbai MMR area

What if I told you

You can write great answers in UPSC CSE Mains, give best answers in Interviews, all by utilizing minimum times, without joining multiple courses, or without leaving jobs or compromising education. 

Doing this by using simple techniques to explore your personality and helping examiners know this. 

No need to leave jobs, or studying in cramped classes or spending wasteful times in watching videos.

Yup, It is that Easy!



23 July 2023

10:30 am offline 
5.00 pm online

(Registration must)

Secret-1-UPSC Expects

Know exatcly what UPSC expects from aspirants

Secret 3- Personality

Know scientific formulas to groom your personality for serving the Nation.

Secret 2- Formula

Know scientific formulas to qualify exams with flattering colors

Secret 4- Formula

Know scientific formulas to qualify exams without stress and with joyful environment.



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STEP 3: I WILL Show how to make MCQ notes and write best answers for Mains from Current Affairs

(LIVE In Front of Your Eyes - From Scratch.  I Will Teach You By Practically Demonstrating. No Theory)


(Link To Join The Workshop Will Be Shared Inside The Telegram Group)


(Only If You Truly Value The Learning & Find It Authentic)
Actual Cost Rs.499

and, let me tell you the 9 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW

Fact 1: 10 lakh plus candidates apply for the exam, out of whom around 5 lakh ultimately appear for the prelims. And only around 10,000 (ie around 2 per cent of total candidates) qualify for the second tier – the Mains. From there, around 2,000 candidates are shortlisted for the personality test, filtering away roughly another 8,000 candidates. Finally, only around 800 candidates are selected for various services, the overall success ratio (selected to appeared) being at 0.15 per cent!

Fact 2: Many of these aspirants do study hard, undertake online/offline coachings, join test series, download apps, write daily answers, solve MCQ's and will undertake 3-4 more attempts without any certainty of selection. 

Fact 3: The loss of the prime years of a candidate’s life is only one aspect of the problem. Preparing for the civil services is also a fairly costly affair for any middle or low-income individual. It includes coaching classes, materials/technology and study groups, as well as spending substantial sums of money on rented apartments/lodges in costly cities such as Delhi/Pune/Bengaluru/Hyderabad/Lucknow/Chennai/Mumbai.

Fact 4: Another aspect of this process, and perhaps the most underrated, is the personal and social costs associated with this preparation. Candidates usually maintain a limited social circle. Tight schedules between coaching classes and studying mean that there is hardly any space for healthy social interactions. As years progress and anxieties increase with every unsuccessful attempt, the pressure associated with the preparation grows almost exponentially. This takes a huge toll on the mental and physical health of many aspirants.

Fact 5: India is a young nation with the gift of demographic dividend. The culture of “preparing” for government job exams has meant that a large part of this dividend or “youth capital” remains invested in a risky and unproductive venture. The  obsession with the ‘sarkari naukri’ is becoming a sort of addiction with high socio-economic costs, and it’s now being well cashed by commercialised coaching institutes/Apps. 

Fact 6:  Most aspirants end up making tight schedules and try to ‘squeeze-in-squeeze-out-time’ whenever possible. They tend to think less about their health and more about how to reach their goals. After having studied for long hours at a stretch, one might start feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. Suffocation, helplessness, recurring headaches, fever and fatigue, are some of the other common symptoms of a burnout. 

Fact 7: Preparation for UPSC is a tough task. The exam is academically very tough and demanding. The world knows this. But very few people know how mentally challenging this exam is. Many aspirants lose their mental peace in the process and it becomes very traumatising for them. It can be safely assumed that for 80-85% of aspirants, the journey is not easy.

Fact 8: Even in using educational apps and websites/videos, students mind makes them believe that they are learning/growing/studying but in reality, they are aimlessly wandering often.

Fact 9: Sadly, the above situation is emotionally cashed by coaching institutes, where many times, faculties have no experience of appearing for UPSC Interviews (that's possible only after clearing Mains, a crucial step), and coaching is the only bread-butter for them.  

And, lets Know the Instructor

Santosh Roakde, is a serving bureaucrat. He had given 4 UPSC interviews, and was selected in first attempt in State Civil Services. Pained by lack of a mentor who would have told how to add value addition in Mains, he with team of mates, who were selected launched a forum with sole intention that no potential candidate must loose attempt. This was to focus with research on what UPSC actually wants, and what aspirants are actually doing. Personal mentoring was the answer. 

Self Study
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