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Why  Sankalp's’ Bridge Course?

Sankalp's’ Bridge Course is not less than a boon for the SSC Board students who want to appear for IIT,JEE.NTSE,NDA,CLAT, KVPY or IAS exams .

Students up to 10th Grade are used to certain method or format of learning which might not be so adequate for the next level (11th-12th or competitive exams).This course helps students to understand the need and scope of change in learning patterns from current 10th level to meet the expectations of the next level.This is also an opportunity to identify the strategies that each student need to develop for next two years to achieve desired academic excellence in competitive examinations (NEET/JEE) as well as Boards.

Salient features


1. Classes by highly qualified & experienced lecturers.

2. Problem solving techniques, Short cut approaches

3. Quality material will be given at the time of admission.

4. Daily tests on individual topics of all subjects.

5. Lucidly explained fundamentals.

6. Individual attention.

7. Briefing the subject and revising important formulae.

8. Focus on previous year questions.

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