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Frequently Asked Questions about Sankalp IAS Forum Free coaching Centre

       “Deserve before you desire”

As the Academic year ends by the month of April everybody would be started to think about their future. So I am receiving many emails/messages from college goers and school goers asking how to reach their goal by joining in Sankalp IAS Forum Centre.  Feel lazy to reply the same thing repeatedly. So I’m posting my experience. The facts I’m mentioning is just what I felt and it is completely my own perception and experiences.


♦I’m Just Studying College or Higher secondary in school can I join?

Students completed bachelor’s degree and waiting for results can only apply for UPSC ICS exam can join Super 45 batch. Undergraduates can join Foundation batch of 2 years, before becoming part of final batch.

♦Will Sankalp IAS Forum provide coaching for MPSC exams too?
Sankalp IAS Forum also focuses on MPSC exams but you have to be approaching them regularly for dates. The office will have lot of works as whole Maharashtra is making calls to them so there may be an improper reply for your questions but be sure about asking them repeatedly if you are serious about preparations.

♦For which exams Sankalp IAS Forum give coaching?

Sankalp IAS Forum Centre provides free coaching to many competitive exams. UPSC Civil Service Examination, MPSC group 1, group 2 exams only.


♦Do Sankalp IAS Forum provide online Coaching?
Yes,Sankalp IAS Forum does provide you online coaching.

♦Can other state students join in Sankalp IAS Forum?
Yes, some other state students are also preparing from Sankalp IAS Forum


♦Do Sankalp IAS Forum centre has branches at Pune or in any other district?
Officially Sankalp IAS Forum has its headquarter in Mumbai and a branch in Pune only. It hasn’t announced about its branches in Chennai or any other city.

♦When do Sankalp IAS Forum conduct Entrance Examination?
Sankalp IAS Forum conducts entrance examination after the UPSC examination of that year. So it will be between April& June.

♦Details about how to apply for Sankalp IAS Forum’s Free Coaching Centre
To enroll please register by filling this form


This is not the final application. It is like one-time registration. Once they have notified for exams you need to register that using this one-time registration.

♦What type of questions will be asked in entrance?
According to their notification on 2019 Exam pattern
Essay and Opinion based answer writing questions have been recently asked.


♦How do one get selected for free or concessional coaching?

Mode of selection- Assessment test-How to appear for test

Those who are free now, can appear for Vacation camp- NCERT Batch now starting from 21st April

Fees for this batch is Rs. 8500/- only (Non-refundable)

Assessment test will be based on performance in test, after this camp

Concessions in fees

100% free coaching to top 45 students

70% concession to next 15 students

65% concession to next 15 students

55% concession to next 15 students

For students in final year, they can appear in May end for new assessment test

Classes will be in Mumbai and Pune - Batch 1 starts with vacation camp from April 27 & second batch starts from 10th June,2019

To enroll please register by filling this form


♦How to prepare for Sankalp IAS Forum Entrance / what are all the books to study to pass in Sankalp IAS Forum Entrance Exam?
No special preparation for filtering test, but for final top 45 selection, you need to prove best in NCERT based tests. You may join 2 months NCERT course that is conducted regularly in Sankalp IAS Forum. This year’s course starts from 27th April, 2019.

I suggest NCERT books rather than Tata McGraw Hill for GS but covering all NCERT books in short time period is difficult so prefer TMH if you want to prepare in a hurry.

Don’t prepare for Sankalp IAS Forum Entrance Exam just Prepare for Civil Service Exam if then you can crack it for sure.


♦Where can I get Model Question paper for Sankalp IAS Forum free coaching Centre or Previous Year Question paper for Sankalp IAS Forum IAS Academy?

They are available on website here.


♦How much Should we score to get selected? 

 Nearly 100 students will be selected after filtering test. Sankalp IAS Forum. cut off depends on the number of students appearing, total number of available seats and performance.


♦How many students will be appearing for the examination?
Approximately 1000+ students are applying for exams which can be decoded by roll numbers generated by the server.


♦What is the course duration?

 Classes will be conducted up UPSC CSE Mains, though handholding will be made available till selection to worthy candidates.


 ♦When will the Classes get started?

 Pre selection NCERT Batch-27th April, 2019

Final top 45 students batch,10th June 2019.

A batch with concessional fees of 100 more students will start from 15th June 2019.


♦Where to stay? Is it free to reside in Sankalp IAS Forum?

 As of now, no facility available, but free study room is available to all selected candidates.  


♦If I failed in Entrance Examination can I join in Sankalp IAS Forum by paying fees?
Yes,you may seek concession in fees based on your performance.


♦Is there any other option than Sankalp IAS Forum IAS free coaching Centre?
Yes,  State Institute of Administrative centres, Government pre IAS training centres, Haj Committee( for Muslim students), BARTI(For SC/ST Students), SARTHI(For EBC Maratha students).


♦How much do I need to spend to Prepare from Mumbai or Pune?
Roughly you need 6000 bucks per month to survive (including food and shelter) in Pune as an Aspirant. If you come with some bunch of friends your expense may reduce. You guys can rent a house and share rent. This would make less expenses.

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