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4 attempts failed, 5th attempt IAS, Story of Dr. Navnath Gavhane,IAS 

Leave EGO, be detached, be humble and you will get the goal.
Dr. Navnath Gavhane.
From Doctor to IAS

The story started in 2008. I was doing MBBS at Dr V M Government Medical college Solapur.
There was some increasing uneasiness and vacuum. I don’t know what it was. I am doing fine. Above average marks and no drop years. But I am not that Happy.

I started looking outside of cocoon I was living. A limited book worm and introverted life style. I am from rural area – Osmanabad. One of the most backward District in Maharashtra. A backwards class family with no resource base. I was observing the way things are happening around me. And many times it makes me sad and helpless. How should I respond this? In which role?
These were the most haunting questions.

Gradually I started meeting different people from different organisations and different sabha and rallies.

It helps me to understand the vacuum that I was carrying.

Still I was uncertain.

In 2009, I appeared MPSC civil services examination.
Those were my internship days.
I passed preliminary exam. It was surprising to me. I was not prepared and studying almost anything.
Next surprise was I passed mains written examinations too. Finally I went to interview at Solapur circuit house. But my interview was not taken as I was doing my internship. There was no sad feeling or any kind of feeling.

This was decisive moment. And I decided to prepare UPSC.
One of important event was I got selected in SIAC Mumbai.
Here I got good friends, atmosphere .

In 2011, I given my first attempt. I passed preliminary and mains and appeared for interview.
All are saying that I would be in list in first attempt. I was on high. But my interview with Rajani Rajdan Madam panel was disaster. I realised that I was sitting like fool among wise. Marks are also disastrous. 90/300. Lost the final list by 4 marks.
Initially I was not too sad but that margin of 4 marks was makes me more uncomfortable.

But I decided to attempt again. This time with more enthusiasm and determination. Same cycle repeated with one change. Lost the final list by 24 marks.
Margin marks for list has been increased.

Third Attempt :
Meanwhile Order of Naib Tehsildar has arrived and I decided to join.
For two reasons.
One – I need money.
Second – to get first hand experience of district administration.
But that affected my preparation.
I passed preliminary but failed to pass mains.
Margin for the list increased by one more step.
No interview.
Set back to my confidence.
I was in difficult situations. Financially and emotionally.

Fourth attempt:
This time.
I failed to pass preliminary.
I Was in absolutely collapsed stage.
No motivation.
No confidence.
No money.
No hopes.

From 4 marks to 24 marks to interview to mains to preliminary.
My carrier graph is that of declining stages.

It was at this juncture I decided to take guidance from Santosh Sir. He gave it a magical touch.

Then again I started stabilising me. In those days, I was more friendly with me….with no secrets and ego. I was interacting with me.

With no strings attached, I looked for next attempt.

Fifth Attempt :
I have taken leave from my naib Tehsildar job.

My close friends given me some money.

Started studying for preliminary.

In this attempt every time I look for my result ….There was a feeling of falling from sky.

But on 10th may 2016 was red letter day of life.

All India Rank 220.

Finally, IAS

I reached here after waiting and working for long 6 years.

Awesome feeling and a sense of relief.



I hope , This may help UPSC aspirant to prepare their mind for biggest change in their life. I wish all my juniors from Sankalp IAS Forum a very

Best of luck!

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