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Online Programme for UPSC MPSC 2025 from 5th August, 2023.  Call 9987105552

  1. Foundation-NCERT:                                                                                 Not all NCERT books are useful, while a handful of them are very crucial. Also, not all chapters are useful and so on. But everyone knows these books are crucial. How to use them is a million-dollar question. Our NCERT program is a step by step foundation course built to holistically groom beginners for clearing Civil Services in first attempts. The programme covers NCERT based sessions and tests., this paves the way for next stage module.


2. Ankur: -                                                                                                              Those appearing for UPSC MPSC Exams, this is best strategy and planning for 2025 .  After completion of  NCERT Course should gradually move to advanced books and cover QEP Basic or QEP Advanced course and Current Affairs sessions. This program, which covers all topics of Prelims and Mains, as Foundation course, continues till Prelims exam. Clearing prelims is a very different Strategy than Mains and our Ankur program takes care of Prelims and Mains integrated syllabus.

Post Prelims scenario:

        Most students’ clear prelims easily however Mains is something that we forget that it’s a personality test-part 1. If one reads carefully, what UPSC  MPSC wants from candidates, and prepare accordingly, things become easier. It says;

Questions will be such that to test candidate’s skill of presenting different ideologies, views and take a stand.

The candidate’s preparedness to make a career in Civil services.

Answers should be crisp and precise and show candidates personality.

Know yourself, know he society and know the system.


            Thus, understanding one’s personality is important. Normally we were opting for daily answer writing or weekly tests. However, with changed pattern, students are supposed to write like anything 4000 words per day in Mains. This is not only test of our mental ability but also physical strength. Also, if you have rich content and have speed with readable handwriting, answer writing alone may not serve purpose of fetching more marks. So in Sankalp IAS Forum, the officers have come up with a strategy for to enrich answers, keep speed and readable handwriting.

                           Here, we have selected themes from Mains, Essay syllabus and we will intensely prepare with answer writing, enrichments, using magic keywords and maps, all under mentorship of bureaucrats and this would definitely enhance your score by 150+ marks and leap you in safe zone to land in final rankings. These are intense mains preparation courses; no serious candidate can miss.

  1. QEP BASIC (32 THEMES)  is Designed such that it Comprehensively covers 32THEMES which once learnt, can be easily replicated to ALL PAPERS (GS I, II, III, IV, Essay, Optional) to enhance your score by at least 150+ Marks. It is for;

    • Those taking their first Mains, and aim to get selected in their very first attempt and have done some foundation course before.

    • Those who are aiming for CSE 2021 and have completed their Foundation Course.


What do you get:
a) Online Lecture sessions according to themes, such that by the end of the course you would have made self-made notes, which you can just revise before Mains and Prelims.

b) 4-5 answer writing per theme with feedbacks for improvements.

c) Quality enrichment tips and notes, theme wise on e-mail.

d) High Impact Answers: Practice using Diagrams, relevant Fact & Figures, important Keywords & Quick recall Acronyms (to remember important dimensions and way forward).

  1. Current Affairs: This is one topic that is of huge dilemma for aspirants. This topic covers 40% of syllabus but consumes more than 50% of time if not properly prepared. Here in our programme you would get following benefits;

  2. Learn from bureaucrats, the philosophy and objective behind government schemes.

  3. 3 Tiered Case Studies: Learn Local, National & International best practices, for each theme, Prepared by officers in service or those retired to keep an element of uniqueness in your answers.

  4. Fortnightly Enrichment Dose: Cover Topic wise Keywords, important Editorial Summaries from Newspapers, of RSTV & AIR, & key Definitions for writing Introduction to your answers.

  5. Yojana / Kurukshetra: Get the best of 15 Months Yojana magazine.

  6. In Class Answer Writing Practice: Practise writing one answer per session with in-class discussion via Toppers' sample answers and with insight to ones own personality.

QEP Integrated Prog

will include all of the above modules.

Batch starts from 5th Aug. 

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