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 School Section (8th-10th)

 Course Details


In the changing scenario of the education system, today, competitive exams play a vital role in a student’s academic progress. Proficiency and fluency in language, social science and science/maths subject influences the personality of a person to a great extent.

We aim to make process of learning adaptive and enjoyable. 


This programe will help students to slowly prepare for Competitive exams in future.

Along with teaching, we insist on:

1) Developing hobby ideas for children,

2) Overall holistic development through practice of Yoga, Self-talk and Community Living.

3) Develop thoughts about Confidence and Humbleness. 

Competitive exams List covered:

List of Competitive Exams for School Students  

  • SCHOLARSHIP CLASSES for Std. 5th & 8th (English / Semi-English & Marathi Medium) 

  • IPM Exam for Maths

  • GANIT PRABHUTWA / Pravinya & Pradnya For Std. 5th & Std. 8th

  • Dr. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam. Including Practicals and Viva / Projects. For Std. 6th

  • Kishor 

  • MARATHI & HINDI Scholarship exams coaching CLASSES. (STD. 4TH to 8TH)

  • Scholarship cum Regular Batches are also available.

  • NTSE exam coaching, Stage 1 & Stage 2. 

  • Scholarships for C.B.S.E. & I.C.S.E. Board (For Std. 5th & Std. 8th)

  • Only Saturday For Maths. & I.T.


About the IPM Examination information

Mathematics Scholarship Examination is a Competitive Examination conducted by the Institute for Promotion of Mathematics for various standards where the mathematical skills, mental ability, calculation speed, critical analysis and accuracy of a child & application of short-cut methods are tested.

Fast calculations help the students to perform well in school and later on in college too. The question papers are set keeping in mind the competitive exams children face later.

The Institute conducts the All India Open Mathematics Scholarship Examination for Std. III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and awards Scholarship, Trophies/Mementoes to the top 150/200 students of each standard to honour and inspire them.


Dr.Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnynik

Homi Bhaba BalVaidnynik Examination (Junior Scientist)is an exam conducted by Mumbai Science Teachers Association to encourage students to take keen interest in science and its application in daily life. Exams are conducted for students of Std.6th. and Std 9th.

The examination consists of three stages:

 Written Test

 Practical Examination                                                                                                                                           For NTSE click here            Viva Voce and Project                                                                                                                                            For KVPY Click here

5th and 8th Scholarship

It improves students powers of observation .Its help to solve mathematical problems joyfully and in general sharpen child’s mathematical skill, mental ability because of in calculation of tables, squares, cubes are perfect
Due to the practice done for this the student get well worse in solving multiple choices question which helps then various competitive exam in future base
Improves the vocabulary perfection in grammar.


Ganit Prabhutwa/Pravinya And Pradnya

This exams help students to study mathematics with all its beauty and complexity from primary to school level. The main objective is to nurture the excellence in mathematics.
This exam will be conducted at two levels.


Career Foundation Course at Sankalp IAS Forum is truly different from others as we deal with Integrated syllabus of VIII, IX and X (it includes specifically state syllabus, CBSE and ICSE) in specific orientation which suit national and international level competitive exams. From the very beginning we focus on visualization and application.

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