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How to Prepare for UPSC by Self- Study

to know strategy for Rank improvement or clearing in first attempt,click here

In the age of information, when lot of stuff is available online,whether to join a coaching institute or not entirely depends on individuals wit and understanding of oneself and the system and the society.

Preparing with the intent of clearing exams is the only requirement and as is said, well begun is half done is valid here. Preparing in self study mode is far better than studying from a coach who is not dynamic and does not update. We have beard the brunt of this.

So what are the steps to clear IAS exams, please watch this short video, telling the 11 steps. We will talk in details after it.



It is widely said that “if you don’t plan, you plan to fail”. But we all know that planning itself is very hard step. If one doesn’t know the benchmarks, planning fails.

We all have come across many dilemmas, while preparing. Some of them are;

  • Dilemma on syllabus completion and content enrichment, making notes side by side.

  • Dilemma to fetch best strategy from loads of online guidance videos, blogs, sites

  • Unstructured answer writing, with not exactly knowing how to write most effective answer

  • Scattered resources-books, magazines, blogs, and ready-made notes, guides.

  • Which course to join, Foundation or main, or just daily answer writing, or join a test series only.

  • Self-preparation or joining a class, or a study group.


 Those who unfortunately can’t come out of above dilemmas, face following issues:

  • Not clearing mains by 80-90 marks

  • More marks in one subject, too less in other subjects, result-not cleared.

  • Last minute issues of revising as no self-made notes with quality enrichment.

  • Confusion as to how to represent answers, with which ideology.


So what we propose is a guided self study program, where you are fully in control of your study process, and are seeking guidance on certain subjects.

Stage 1) Foundation-NCERT:           Click to see India's first strategy

   Not all NCERT books are useful, while a handful of them are very crucial. Also, not all chapters are useful and so on. But everyone knows these books are crucial. How to use them is a million-dollar question. Our NCERT program is a step by step foundation course built to holistically groom beginners for clearing Civil Services in first attempts. The programme covers NCERT based sessions and tests., this paves the way for reading advanced books, reading and understanding newspapers much easier. 

Stage 2) Not full syllabus coaching,but few topics intensive sessions with answer writing.

Themes are actually those topics/subtopics of UPSC CSE syllabus that should be studied in deep, as if you are Secretary level officer of that department.

Like a topic on Agriculture must be studied with all burning issues, where-what-when-why-whose-who-how- etc.

Not only this one must know every topic has its language, and that language must be used in answers. These are keywords that must come in the answers. Effective answer writing is key to success, is the mantra to clearing UPSC CSE

Students cleared exams with minimum efforts and Maximum output strategy, under our mentorship. All this by officers who have cleared Mains and are serving in system through various departments.

It is during themes, that one get what UPSC actually want you to do- know all views and make your own view. Based on current affairs and issues of national importance, we have studied previous year question papers and marking pattern and come up with 32 themes. IN continuation of this, we have come up with a personal mentoring program with following themes. Click here to know (only for serious candidates)

Stage 3) if General Studies or Optionals are holding you back, seek professional guidance from us, the officers and academicians. Not all are equally good in all subjects. One should not shy from taking extra efforts for weak subjects. In Civil services exam, each and every mark matters. Our special modules are for each and every subject / topic of syllabus, for both Prelims and Mains.Example are our Ethics or Current Affairs or Essay here

Stage 4) An integrated test series. (Integrated Prelims plus Mains test series, coming soon)

Guided self study plan starts from 15th Aug 2020, All batch timings are 7.30pm-9pm, twice in weekdays, More hours on weekends click here

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