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Do you know 90% of IAS and State PSC aspirants, dont even reach to Mains stage even in their  second attempts. 
Learn, from a bureaucrat,  the ninja secrets that no "UPSC Guru" will tell youfor getting 2x more marks
in minimum attempts, with great performance, all along.
"Attend-Reform-Transform-Perform" is the mantra.

                It is widely said that “if you don’t plan, you plan to fail”. But we all know that planning itself is very hard step. If one doesn’t know the benchmarks, planning fails.

We all have come across many dilemmas, while preparing. Some of them are;

  • Dilemma on syllabus completion and content enrichment, making notes side by side.

  • Dilemma to fetch best strategy from loads of online guidance videos, blogs, sites

  • Unstructured answer writing, with not exactly knowing how to write most effective answer

  • Scattered resources-books, magazines, blogs, and ready-made notes, guides.

  • Which course to join, Foundation or main, or just daily answer writing, or join a test series only.

  • Self-preparation or joining a class, or a study group.


 Those who unfortunately can’t come out of above dilemmas, face following issues:

  • Not clearing mains by 80-90 marks

  • More marks in one subject, too less in other subjects, result-not cleared.

  • Last minute issues of revising as no self-made notes with quality enrichment.

  • Confusion as to how to represent answers, with which ideology.


The above is easy to say and see, but please think, look around, so many students are preparing in crowed classes or doing self study under so said "expert evaluation". Think, and you will know we all look for guided mentoring, from someone who has reached the destination. And
who has not converted his mentoring into commercial tools. 

We are very clear about the fact that success is in your hands, your efforts need 99% work, for remaining 1% not luck, but a good mentor is enough.

For much detailed analysis of what is mentorship, what should aspirants look for from mentor, what does aspirants need to regularly follow is on following page of a blog by one of our mentors for you,

And, lets Know the Mentor

Santosh Roakde, is a serving bureaucrat. He had given 4 UPSC CSE interviews, and was selected in first attempt in State Civil Services. Pained by lack of a mentor who would have told how to add value addition in CSE Mains, he with team of mates, who were selected launched a forum-Sankalp IAS Forum, with sole intention that no potential candidate must loose attempt.
This was to focus with research on what UPSC actually wants, giving inputs from bureaucratic circles, think tanks, and grooming personality according to needs of UPSC CSE,
and what aspirants are actually doing.
Personal mentoring was the answer. 

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