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Thinking that merely Mock Interviews will help you score 200+ in UPSC CSE interviews may not be helpful.


Its all about "You" So we, the serving bureaucrats,
have a plan for you


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Yup, It is that Easy!


DAF Based Discussion

The most important area to work on. Most of the questions are raised from the DAF one has filled before writing the mains. Learn from Bureaucrats how questions are asked.

Visit to local public institutions.


Attend a day in public institutions, understand the challenges that public and public servants face, imbibe in minds, frame answers and opinions  accordingly, after discussing with us. We are founder of this strategy, superhit..

Personalized Interviews and Feedback

Each interview session is followed by a detailed feedback and steps to perform to your potential in the actual interview. All by Bureaucrats.

Learn from the Masters, the Bureaucrats.

Personality development is a gradual process and takes time. It does not happen overnight. Learn from Bureaucrats what personality is expected.

GK Digest

A series of knowledge sessions to cover current affairs and trends- from deciphering the budget to understanding Economics, Social, Political and Geoghraphical etc - all the usual favorites of GD/PI panels, all from academicians and the bureaucrats.

Thank you for submitting! Pl also note contact number of Director,9930075267, You may contact now too.


Fact 1: UPSC Interview is the last and the final step in the journey of the UPSC Civil Service Examination. This half-an-hour exercise literally has the potential to change your life and make your dream of becoming a bureaucrat true. Out of the 2075 marks, the interview or the personality test is of 275 marks. If prepared well, it allows the candidate to make a gap of more than 100 marks between their fellow aspirants.

Fact 2: Many of these aspirants do study hard, undertake online/offline coachings, join Mock interviews, download apps, but since they dont explore themselves, they get low marks. 

Fact 3:  Most aspirants fail to understand what UPSC Interview panelists actually are lookig for and hence get lot confused.

Fact 4: Another aspect of this process, and perhaps the most underrated, is the lack of mentoring by bureacraats for giving inisghts on various current affairs and challening issues. Mere Mock interviews may make the aspirant know what she/he knows and dont know, but how to cope up and get good marks is a challenging question.

Fact 5: India is a young nation with the gift of demographic dividend. The culture of “preparing” for government job exams has meant that you should do a  deep study of ground realities and have conviction of solutions and opinions.

           No coaching institute offers this help, except Sankalp IAS Forum, as its mentored by bureaucrats, who are passionate to help you. 

Fact 6:  Most aspirants end up making tight schedules and try to ‘squeeze-in-squeeze-out-time’ whenever possible. They tend to learn about their DAF and few current affairs from non bureaucrats, that surely adds to the problem. 

Fact 7: Sadly, the above situation is emotionally cashed by coaching institutes, where many times, faculties have no experience of appearing for UPSC Interviews (that's possible only after clearing Mains, a crucial step), and coaching is the only bread-butter for them.  

Know the Instructor

Santosh Roakde, is a serving bureaucrat. He had given 4 UPSC interviews, and was selected in first attempt in State Civil Services. Pained by lack of a mentor who would have told how to add value addition in Mains, he with team of mates, who were selected launched a forum with sole intention that no potential candidate must loose attempt. This was to focus with research on what UPSC actually wants, and what aspirants are actually doing. Personal mentoring was the answer. 

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