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Story of a guy who cleared IAS Exam while working, in his first attempt..Ajay Kumar,IAS

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

One day a young IT professional came to me in late evening, as i was about to wrap up my days work, "May i know where I can meet Santosh Sir", he asked Politely, to help desk, I was there, i said "yes go ahead, Am Santosh" . He was #IIMKoziokodeIAS graduate, from #HimachalPradesh and placed with a handsome salary in CARE Ratings,Mumbai. and who am i ? see below

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Apart from being handsome,he was well placed.As such any temptations and other worldy thoughts could have been his was sheer self control and his belief in mantra that he was given,that he succeeded in achieving what he wanted.

He wanted to appear, as he said after general salutation talks, NOT JUST TRY for IAS. "Am going to do it, would u help me? " he asked confidently. By that time i had already helped a few others ,that time in #HinjewadiITPark,Pune. #orkut was the source from where he got my number. I couldn't say no. Days went by, and he became IPS in first attempt and IAS in his second attempt. He left job only 3 days ahead of his joining for #FoundationTraininginMussorie.

I can say, he is a model for those who want to give #UPSCwhileworking.

His work place was in #Sion,Mumbai and he stayed in #PrateekshaNagar. that effectively saved lot of his time in commuting. Working professionals may take this plan.

Alternatively, #MadhukarAnand,now #IRS, was also working,but stayed distance apart. he used his time of commuting to listen his own voice-- he recorded his own reading books, this was my strategy that i give mantra to students.

timetable for working professionals for IAS-UPSC exam

Get a mentor, to whom you would be accountable. Fix time for SAPAE- Survey-analyse-plan-act-evaluate. Start early, like by 5.30am, do meditate, revise in mornings of what you did the previous day, when you reach office, brush up with Current Affairs, in evenings- read new, write and talk with your mentor.

2 IAS offiecers conducting awareness seminar- Amrutesh Aurangabadkar-AIR 10,2011 and Ajay kumar, IAS 2013

Following year same story was repeated. Smit Parmar, Jay Waghmare, Madhukar Anand, Kedar Gokhale also cleared exams- all in their maiden attempts, and that too with total preparation in Mumbai itself.. The saga continues ..this is beacuse of two persons,

My friends who have been selected through exams have started a forum, Sankalp IAS Forum for proper guidance. in past few years the results have been amazing . proper mentoring, test series and feedback evaluation sessions have been helping aspirants in Mumbai & Pune . I am evaluating online test series too. Gtalk- ... , whatsapp: 9930075295

now where i teach i had gathers a great team, as you know officers cant be full time with the students,.

So enjoy the company of intellectuals, Officers and mentors…

please call 9987105552 for my schedule, alternatively, ping me on 9930075295(whats app) .

wish you a very happy study time,.

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