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Fake ads by IAS Baba, Vision IAS, IQRA IAS, CHAHAL IAS,BYJU, Unacademy as alleged by CCPA

Dear UPSC aspirants!

Beware of misleading ads by IAS coaching centres!

Recently, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has launched an investigation into 20 IAS coaching centres for misleading advertisements and unfair trade practices. Here are the names of the coaching institutes and the actions they are taking:

  • Rau's IAS Study Circle: Fined Rs. 1 lakh by the CCPA and has filed an appeal against the order in the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).

  • Chahal Academy: Fined Rs. 1 lakh by the CCPA.

  • IQRA IAS: Fined Rs. 1 lakh by the CCPA.

  • IAS Baba: Has got a stay order on the CCPA notice.

The other coaching institutes under investigation are:

  1. Vajirao & Reddy Institute

  2. Khan Study Group IAS

  3. APTI Plus

  4. Analog IAS

  5. Shankar IAS

  6. Sriram's IAS

  7. BYJU's IAS

  8. Unacademy


  10. Drishti IAS

  11. Vision IAS

  12. Yojana IAS

  13. Plutus IAS

  14. ALS IAS

  15. Dhishti IAS

The CCPA has found that many of these coaching centres are misleading students by:

  • Using the names and pictures of successful candidates to influence prospective aspirants, without disclosing that the candidates may have taken coaching from multiple institutes or for different subjects.

  • Not clearly disclosing what courses the successful student has undertaken with the institute.

  • Claiming success for students who have just taken a 'free mock interview'.

  • The CCPA has urged students to be careful when choosing an IAS coaching centre and to report any misleading advertisements to them.

What can students do to protect themselves?

Students can protect themselves from being misled by IAS coaching centres by doing the following:

· Do your research: Students should carefully research different coaching centres before enrolling in one. They should read reviews from past students and talk to current students to get their feedback.

· Be wary of tall claims: Students should be wary of coaching centres that make tall claims about their success rates or the quality of their faculty.

· Ask for details: Students should ask coaching centres for details about their syllabus coverage, teaching methods, and faculty qualifications.

· Read the fine print: Students should carefully read the terms and conditions of any contract before signing up for a coaching course.

Here are some tips for balancing infotainment, entertainment, and knowledge:

· Be selective with your infotainment. Only watch or read infotainment from reputable sources.

· Don't neglect your entertainment. Take breaks from studying to relax and recharge.

· Focus on knowledge. Make sure your study materials are accurate and reliable.

· Don't obsess over everything. It's not possible to know everything about the UPSC exam. Focus on the most important concepts.

Remember, the UPSC exam is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and don't get overwhelmed. Good luck!

Call to action points:

· Follow reputable sources for UPSC infotainment.

· Schedule breaks into your study routine.

· Focus on knowledge from trusted sources.

· Don't obsess over every detail.

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