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TVF Aspirants- 2: Real Insights, Fictional Inspirations

TVF Aspirants- 2 do not tell us what real aspirants tell us. Do you know what to see and learn from both?

TVF aspirants season-2

Speaking specifically about the Aspirants series-2, the first season is very relatable as many aspects of being an aspirant have been acknowledged. However season 2 is being promoted in such a give me the way and it has it taken away it's charm of being and honest show about the aspirants

What to see in season 2? Aspirants-2 review:

The second season of the show picks up from where it left the last season. Abhilash Sharma played by Naveen kasturia gets two more attempts because of governments decision and he goes again to Rajendra Nagar to his friends with whom he shares contentious relationship, as they still can't make up their mind as to they should stay mad at him for something he did he long ago,in previous season or if he should be forgive him because he is now a district magistrate.

Abhilashs falls in the reality category officers,as in those popular reality versus expectation mind game.

His idea of Administration is purely academic; however when in practice his ideas are like poison and can have very stressful outcomes and this show tries to question Abhilash lacks expertise.Even though none of the aspirants in "Aspirants" have truly done anything to earn the respect of one another, their relationships feel a little adolescent. The entire plot revolves around Abhilash and Sandeep's quest for dominance. The "tripod" is how they refer to their group, but their tale is more complex than a broken friendship. It's actually a pretty poisonous friendship, the kind that most individuals outgrow as they get older. Because Abhilash is powerful, SK and Guri only want him around. However, Abhilash is too conceited to see that his ego is the source of his problems. Aspirants' inebriated declaration that "old Rajendra Nagar must be declared a heritage site" makes one feel as though the show is celebrating the poison that the Indian education system has been promoting for years.


Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Abhilash Thapliyal, Sunny Hinduja, Namita Dubey, Harish Chhabra, Tengam Celine, Abhishek Sonpaliya

Where to watch?

The web series "Aspirants" (Season 2) was released on 25th October 2023 on the OTT Platform. This web series has 5 episodes.

How many episodes are in Aspirants Season 2?

Watch Aspirants (Season 2) Full Series Online (With English Subtitles)

All Episodes list and Link (Language: Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu)

S2 E1. Episode 1: Self Study

S2 E2. Episode 2: Strategy

S2 E3. Episode 3: Murphy's Law

S2 E4. Episode 4: Mock Interview

S2 E5. Episode 5: Final Interview

So now dear UPSC aspirants! It's important to understand the difference between infotainment, entertainment, and knowledge. Infotainment is a mix of information and entertainment, but it's not always accurate or reliable. Entertainment is simply something that's fun to watch or do, but it doesn't teach you anything. Knowledge is what you need to pass the UPSC exam and achieve your goals.

Don't be fooled by infotainment or entertainment disguised as knowledge. There are a lot of resources out there that claim to help you pass the UPSC exam, but they're just trying to make money off of you. Stick to reputable books, mentors, and educational institutions for your knowledge.

It's also important to take breaks from studying to relax and recharge. Watching a movie or TV show can be a great way to clear your head and come back to your studies refreshed. But don't obsess over every coaching center's notes or think that you need to watch every UPSC-related video on YouTube. There's no need to cram everything into your head at once.

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