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Personal mentoring for UPSC CSE

What UPSC Needs?

UPSC exams is the total story of how well you present yourself-your personality test-through answer writing and Interviews. So the crux is knowing your personality and writing answers . This should be evaluated by officers who have approached that path. Personalised feedback and inputs should be given and in such a way, incremental progress over a period of time must take place.

What students do?

Joining a class OR self study- more focus on reading – some may be doing answer writing and may or not may not be getting them evaluated from some senior. Where do you get a personalized touch to this type of studies.

What classes do?

They will give you live videos, contents, notes and tests. Who evaluates the paper, how do they do scaling, is there any personal touch? NO, and given the commercial narrative that they follow, even the best of best faculty, class cant give that personal guidance.

How does this work?

  1. Mentor will be giving the student a day by day study plan and thus, planning his/her study calendar.

  2. Daily Questions will be given which covers both statistic & current affairs Paper G.S 1, 2, 3, 4 + Essay on private telegram channel by Sankalp IAS Forum.

  3. you will have to write answer of the question and send us on to for Telegram Channel

  4. The mentor will check answers and give you feedback on weekly basis via talk on phones or video calls, and you must be in touch on telegram and gmail.

  5. Answer format (Synopsis) of Mock Test paper on telegram channel

  6. Apart from that, he/she will call the student twice in a week to evaluate the progress made and to resolve the doubts of the student.

Will Guruji provide any physical study material?

Generally, mentor will not provide any physical study material. But we may give an exception to this and provide some consolidated material if other sources are too scattered or not complete or not upto the mark. We believe every student should prepare his own notes. These notes are evaluated and checked by our mentors. Apart from that we do provide online tests for the students for regular evaluation.

In which medium can I write answers?

Answers may be written in Hindi/English/Marathi languages.

How will we be in touch?

Answer synopsis on gmail or telegram. Also, twice talk on phones or video calls, and be in touch on whatsapp, telegram and gmail. Hangouts is the most preferred option than whatsapp, telegram, and you may add me on google hangouts


Answer writing skill development, Structure & presentation of answer, How to present facts, information & knowledge in the answer, Understanding actual requirement (key words, Context & Content) of the UPSC in the different types of questions and how the questions should be attempted for good score (strategy & approach), Understanding your current preparedness & required action plans and framing your mind towards actual pattern, toughness and timing of the actual UPSC Examination.

So call 9930075267 to know details, Join telegram channel @upscaim

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